What's love got to do with it? - G. Daniel

Imagine! Waves were crashing into the boat – and there Jesus was, sound asleep! Jesus was peacefully asleep in the

16 feb 2021

Peace in the Storm - G. Hay

Imagine! Waves were crashing into the boat – and there Jesus was, sound asleep! Jesus was peacefully asleep in

13 June 2020

Real or Fake - You Can't Fool God

Real or fake? Occasionally I watch the English TV programme called ‘Antiques Roadshow.’ It is fascinating to
13 June 2020

Activating God's Power

No power: A couple of years back I was doing my turn in the Churches Bookshop in Strathalbyn and I accidentally
6 June 2020

His Caretakers of Creation

We have been made caretakers of creation. privileged to worship God, the supreme Creator of our universe, as our
6 June 2020

Hard to Change? Changed by the Spirit

Opinions are easy to form and hard to change – just because people themselves are hard to change.
30 May 2020

Have the Best - It's all in the Book

To have the best, we need to look in the book. Which book you may ask. Will first, let’s look at what we all want.
23 May 2020

Reason for the Hope that we have

How do we remember and give an account of that hope that we have? I suggest that we should memorise it, just
17 May 2020

Wives and Husbands

Today is Mothers Day – when wives and mothers are celebrated. Yet for many wives and mothers, their
8 May 2020

It Takes Courage

Life’s not always easy, sometimes it takes courage. According to the dictionary, courage is ‘the ability to
3 May 2020

How the Church began - Think of Anzac

The day the church began – strange goings-on! Imagine an Anzac Day gathering – any year: It was early on the
3 May 2020

On The Road - Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet? Seems not, given the grief we experience the trauma and anxiety resulting from the present “storms
25 April 2020

Present Trials - What's Next?

We are under present trials, and protection from God is, I expect, a topic on which we are constantly meditating
19 April 2020

God Working Out His Purpose

God has a purpose. At this time of stress, with the world going through a great pandemic we need to understand
9 April 2020

Christ is Risen - Don't be Afraid

A special welcome, today, as together we celebrate the historic fact that CHRIST IS RISEN. We celebrate the
12 April 2020

Reflections for Good Friday - Ray Skinner

Let’s begin Good Friday by sitting quietly, and putting away thoughts of things around; focus on the Lord: Say the
9 April 2020

There's a New Kingdom Coming

There’s a new kingdom coming inside the world as we know it. The earth as we know it can be seen so clearly in GoogleEarth®, an amazing piece of technology.
5 April 2020

Let Your Light Shine

“Let light shine out of darkness,” made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the
March 2020